About Me:

Welcome! I'm Katie and I'm a Transformational Life and Success Coach. I help women who are contemplating divorce or separation, going through the divorce process, or are post-divorce.  

I came to coaching after 10 years as a family law attorney. I worked with many women going through major life transitions. Very rarely did these clients have much in the way of support to help them navigate their new chapter in life. And very rarely did they make themselves a priority during this time. I made the decision to transition from family law attorney, to Certified Life Coach so I could better serve in this capacity. I now help women in divorce become empowered in their decisions, have clarity in the confusion, create a vision for their future, and practice self-care.          

But that’s just one thing about me. I am also a mother, a wife, a sister, a traditional foods enthusiast, and an early adopter of all things organic. In fact, my friends called me "Amish" in college. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, where I now call the Portland/Vancouver area my home. I love to cook, travel, and listen to podcasts while taking long walks around our town. I especially love to spend time with my son, my husband, and our golden retriever.