The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself During Divorce

I see you over there. Dealing with your divorce, or the outcome of your divorce.

permission to stop.PNG




 Paralyzed with choices.

Wanting to ensure that you are making the best possible choices for you, your family, and your future.


But what does that even look like? How do you get beyond the daily, persistent, oppressiveness of life right now?


The only thing you know to do is to keep DO-ing. Keep moving forward, keep with your routine, keep reading, and talking, and taking care of everyone else around you.


Where is all of this getting you? You may have moments where you feel like you have it all together. But really, how are you feeling overall?  My guess is that it doesn’t feel like there’s an end in sight that everything feels so hard, and so heavy, and you’re hoping time will make it better but you kind of know that it won’t. Time isn’t the kind of healing you need.


So I’m going to give you permission to stop.


Stop DO-ing, stop moving forward, stop reading and talking and taking are of everyone else around you.


Stop all of that right now, sit where you are, close your eyes and just breathe.


There’s a part of you that is working overtime. It’s a solution to a problem that you had. That part of you is doing its absolute best to keep you afloat. To help you survive.


But this part of you is exhausted. It’s time for a different part of you to step up and take over. 


I know he or she is in there. They are sitting on the bench, fresh from their warm-up, so ready to go in. They have a different approach, a different tactic, but they’re just as effective. They’re going to redirect the game and see possibilities that no one could see before.


But it’s going to be different. Because this time you are going to slow down, go for a walk, find something that invigorates you, set boundaries around your time. You’re going to start envisioning your perfect day, really feel into it and set goals around getting more of what you want into your life. You’re going to have a list of activities that nourish you that you go to when you’re feeling depleted. You’re going to show yourself more love, and then give to others from the overflow.


And this is going to change your life because now you are the strong, fruitful, inspired, and vibrant being that you always knew you could be.


And even if we haven’t met, I hold this vision for you. I know it is possible, because I see it every day. We are meant to thrive, to love, to grow, we just need to give ourselves a chance.